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How to Avoid Smelly Feet & Soiled Shoes

December 19, 2018

How to Avoid Smelly Feet & Soiled Shoes

A high-quality, stylish shoe might take your look from so-so to oh-so-good. However, to save your footwear, and the people you love, from shoe smell, you’ll need to take some steps.

The intersection of men’s fashion and grooming sometimes comes down to something as simple as a pair of socks. Have you seen no-show socks for men?

No? Maybe not, since that’s the point.

Let’s take a moment and pull back the curtain on these invisible socks.

No show socks


Bombas Low-Cut No-Show sock

Pure magic.

Socks add a barrier layer of protection between your feet and shoes, keeping your feet dry and helping to avoid stinky shoes.

But, if you’d prefer your feet to go commando, there are other steps you can take to prevent shoe smell.


Scrub your feet vigorously in the shower with your favorite exfoliating, antibacterial soap. It might take an extra minute, but it’s a hot shower so Treat. Yo. Self. and lose the odor-causing bacteria.


Before you kick off your favorite oxford slippers, grab a shoe tree. A solid cedar wood shoe tree will help absorb the moisture from your shoe, keeping a handle on moisture-causing stinky shoe odor.


Putting space between shoe wearings gives your shoes a chance to dry out, and since a wet shoe is a smelly shoe, it’s a good idea to bench them between wearings, and pull another shoe into the game (anyway, there are too many shoes to play favorites with just one pair!). Also, when giving your shoes the day off, be sure to store them in a dry, cool environment.


Foot powders work by absorbing moisture inside your shoe, helping to keep your feet dry and stink-free. A sprinkle inside your shoes and a dash on your feet will help stave off moisture, which brings the shoe smell. 

Last, but not the least...


A high-quality shoe, constructed with genuine leather and other natural materials, will help your feet "breath" better, reducing odor-causing bacteria. Mark Chris shoes are handmade with only choice materials. So when it comes to shoe smell, we’ve got your back, er, your feet.

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