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About Us


Unique Styles, Produced in Limited Quantities

Mark Chris was founded with the purpose of elevating the luxury men’s footwear market by redesigning classics that empower the modern gentlemen. We focus on bringing the highest level of design and craftsmanship that effortlessly averts the fast fashion process and embraces conscious business practices and consumption.
Steeped in the tradition of creating fine footwear, our designs step off the page, shaped from the finest materials and crafted by the most skilled shoemakers in the world. The inspiration for our style's designs can be found anywhere and take many forms, but the goal is always the same: to create luxury footwear that seamlessly blends with your lifestyle while providing the perfect punctuation and purpose. We work closely with our team of artisan shoemakers in Italy, utilizing sustainable materials and processes to develop a new kind of luxury - a luxury that seeks to slow the fashion cycle by reawakening the beauty of true craftsmanship fused with innovative design and intention. 
Our core collection fuses echoed legacies from our past with unbound possibilities of the future to create the ever-present moment that is Mark Chris.
Each style embodies a legacy, purpose, or story meant to inspire the steps of men today to lead the charge in creating change that reshapes our future.  
For us, Mark Chris is about embracing the present while forging a strong future inspired by the heroes and legends of the past, creating an eternal circle of life inspired by every step forward. 

OUR QUALITY | Designed To Last

“Pass down the appreciation for quality”
In a world that values the fast and expendable, we want you to wear your shoes all day, every day, season after season, remaining both timeless and forward-thinking. Each pair is handmade in Italy using age-old techniques that have been handed down through generations of highly skilled artisan shoemakers. We source the finest quality Italian leathers and European textiles to produce modern classics, designed to create a lasting impression. 

OUR PROCESS | Ethical Production 

Why preorder? 
We believe the world is changing and the need for more sustainable and ethical production processes is growing. As a brand who embodies an ethos of purpose and intent we seek to create a framework that honors the needs of tomorrow by investing in styles that endure, while minimizing waste and overproduction.


Buy a pair, contribute to the end of suffering.
We believe that good shoes make you look and feel great but more importantly, we believe in deeper values than aesthetics because, after all, the shoe doesn’t make the man. The steps he takes and the actions he sets in motion are what will define him. 
As our world continues to grow and become more interconnected, human trafficking continues to rise, horrifically impacting our world today. Every year millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide – including right here in the United States. We cannot create a better world without addressing the safety and wellbeing of our future generations. That’s why every year we donate a percentage of our annual earnings to O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad) to help save children from sex trafficking. 
If you are not ready to buy a pair of shoes but would still like to donate to this great organization to help aid these rescue missions, you can make a donation on their website here.


We are Mark Chris. 
We believe in a luxury that focuses on craftsmanship, and a luxury that helps to increase the integrity of our fashion choices.
The juxtaposition of the timeless and modern bold textures, elegant silhouettes, and refined details.
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“But to simply call Mark Chris a gentleman is an irrefutable understatement. He is a man of vision who stands unafraid to test the boundaries of form, function and style. Although this fearless visionary has affirmed that he has no style icon whom he looks to for wardrobe guidance, the reality is, he is impressively well on his way to becoming one himself.” – AMNICULTURE VOX

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